It started out with doing something personal for our family and friends.

We had a love story to tell. And when we got engaged we decided to share the story with our wedding guests with a homemade, 15 page long, comic book, incorporating our favorite photos.

We were quick to get to work. We worked out a basic layout that included our entire story from start to... well, the beginning I suppose. We then incorporated two empty pages to fill with customized photos of the guests. (we love giving people the personal touch).

After that the real work began. Every single photo was cropped, chopped, cleaned, photo-shopped, and edited. We played around with the text, the speech bubbles, the colors and templates, until everything was perfect.

Our finished product was an absolute hit. Every guest called to thank us for their amazing invitations, and followed their thank you with a "where did you get them?" After we explained that we'd made them ourselves, all of our friends and family urged us to design and create artwork for others.

That's just what we did!

We began with our etsy shop - nellyscustomart. Two years later we moved in to our own office space and started creating the most meaningful concepts we could think of. Three years on after the rave reviews (and with the help of our customers), we've refined the range to create some of the most meaningful anniversary gifts available!

Browse the full gallery to see our current range and as always if you have anything more specific in mind, use the contact page and one of our artists will be happy to assist!

We look forward to working with you!

Nell from the Winslet's Team.