Providing we haven't started on your artwork, we can cancel an order if you contact us within 2 hours of purchasing.

Please note in order to protect sellers of custom items, consumer law clearly states refund and return rules do not extend to custom items and digital content. We don't take returns on custom items and digital content in line with consumer law simply because they can't be resold!

If an item arrives and is not as described, damaged or faulty please contact us asap. Simply provide photographs and will offer a reprint where the damage is brought to our attention within 5 days of delivery!

If a non-delivery occurs when a buyer places an order but does not receive the item, please contact us asap and we will investigate the tracking. Where an error is deemed to be the fault of the seller we will issue a reprint asap!

If an order lapses 3 months from the order date, a refund will not be given, however a store credit may be offered for the value of the item at the sellers discretion.

We don't offer refunds for items that are custom designed, in line with consumer law. We incur costs on custom items at digital design stage from 2 hours after purchase and accordingly, consumer law protects sellers of custom items and digital content from late cancellations and refunds. We don't offer refunds under buyers remorse!